About Us

Mission Statement

Create a partnership between The Department of Labor/OFCCP and private and public organizations by establishing a Southern Nevada Industry Liaison Group (SNILG).

Its objective will be to:

Attract Equal Employment and Affirmative Action professionals, Diversity and Human Resources Management and individuals who have similar interests regarding EEO and Diversity in the Workforce. Develop a helpful and collaborative relationship among this group of professionals.

Provide a forum for networking with federal and state governmental compliance agencies, local contractors, educational institutions, and private and public entities doing business in Southern Nevada.

Promote professional and ethical performance standards in the field of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

Provide continuing education to its members on topics such as affirmative action compliance, EEO regulations, cultural diversity, and updates from the OFCCP.

Develop or share innovative best practices or programs designed to create guidelines for the on-going progression of equal employment and Diversity and to eliminate programs that hinder the progress of equal employment.

Communicate technical expertise or technology designed to address cross-industry issues of mutual concern.

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